ELLAMAR bags are extraordinary and unique - each bag tells a special, fascinating story!

A must-have for today's self-confident woman who stays true to her individuality! These bags convey a feeling of freedom and openness with their bold design, inspiring their owners to zest for life with their vibrant colours and astounding variety in shapes.

ELLAMAR - The big wide world in a bag!

Encounters with foreign cultures - Morocco, Libya, Mexico - and the way of life, or rather the attitude towards life in these countries, have inspired and accompanied Daniela Holleis-Weingärtner in the ideation and creation of her bags. Therefore her bags expressively represent their inspirational origin.

Being interested in different forms and colours, the designer's vision has focussed more on foreign cultures in which values like courage, strength, as well as affirmation of life and zest for life, are paramount.

The connection between our European society and other countries enables a gratifying and enriching return flow in each direction. The cultural and historical importance, as well as the social significance of the handbag in various cultures, formed the starting point of her creative expeditions.


ELLAMAR bags emphasize the roots of their origin but also an awakening. - both find its validity and characteristic expression here.

The versatile, empathic and individual personality of Daniela Holleis-Weingärtner is unmistakably reflected in her bags. The unique selling feature that characterizes ELLAMAR bags, means fair production conditions, first-hand manufacturing with direct contact to its manufacturers,individual craftsmanship in stead of brand culture, use of valuable materials, the important role of material diversity in its design, as well as the clear distinction from mass production in its design. The diversity in form, material and colour of ELLAMAR bags exseeds everything seen up to now.

Daniela Holleis-Weingärtner tries to view the the bag's changes in connection with cultural and social developments and converting these into new forms - in particular regarding the role of women. She emphasizes the significance of the handbag as symbol bearer through her bold design. With historical changes one thing regarding the handbag remains constant and almost eternal: it is a highly personal item, the container in which we store those items we always need to take with us. The rest is subject to cultural interpretation.

In any case, nothing is impossible in the interpretation of the ELLAMAR bags!

A bag is entrusted with valuable content - therefore it's a lifelong companion. The older a bag, the more vibrant its history. This important requirement is further supported by ELLAMAR bags' concept of longevity and durability, and the reduction to only a few beautiful, particularly high-quality objects.


Their absolute distinctiveness through unique features results in a fascinating experience when carrying ELLAMAR bags.

Shoulder bags, backpacks and travel bags accentuate the modern expression of practicality through their functionality planned down to the smallest detail. Adaptation to personal needs does not contradict their strong independence. Alongside shopper bags, business bags, luggage, leisure bags and purses, the handbag, as well as the clutch, take on a special position in the bag scene.

It's not just any accessory, it's an item of unique significance: a basic commodity with incomprehensible depths, expression of its carrier's current mood, symbol of individual style, as well as status symbol, occasionally icon or art object.

Handbags stand for privacy, they show image and stake claims, they make personal statements, become part of us. They are considered as the most intimate secret of women, especially among men.

One thing is for sure: Life without a handbag is hard to imagine, it's a kind of portable household for women. An ELLAMAR bag is an attribute of womanhood, mirrors multiple layers of identity, marks turning points in ones biography, contains an entire life. It is everything, except an ordinary accessory. The diversity in design with regards to an article of daily use, which serves utility as well as self-portrayal purposes, is the focus of ELLAMAR bags. The increasingly diverse functions of a bag result in ever-growing shape variations.

Creative fantasy invent collections that transport into worlds you've only dreamed of, that sometimes remind one of Alice in Wonderland. Bags for dream vacations!

The magnificent showpieces of ELLAMAR bags will whisk you away on such a dream journey! Let yourself be inspired!


Interviewer: "What was your motivation for creating the label ELLAMAR?"

Daniela Holleis-Weingärtner: "With the ELLAMAR products I have fulfilled one of my biggest dreams: bringing back to Austria all the most beautiful fabrics, colours and materials from my travels to Morocco, the Provence, Mexico and Ibiza.

The rich colouring and the lovingly crafted materials that I discovered during my travels, inspired me in the creation of the „Colours of Nature“ bag collection.

It combines tradition with modern style and mirrors my impressions of nature and culture. I have always been inspired by architecture, art and design, which have sparked my desire to create beautiful things - and allowing them to take shape."

Interviewer: "Your bags are very colourful, what was the inspiration behind it?"

Daniela Holleis-Weingärtner: "I have retained the vividness of nature and nature’s colours and captured them in my collection.

With their vibrant colours my bags should remind us of the effortlessness and lightheartedness of holidays, and sunsets by the sea.


Deep red, radiant blue and bright yellow should take you back to summer and provide a sunny mood. In addition to my travels, I also take my children as examples in designing my Ellamar products.

They love mixing various colours, whether they are painting and being creative or just choosing their outfits to wear. They are unbiased and joyful in exploring new colour combinations and designs."

Interviewer: "How did you come up with the name ELLAMAR?"

Daniela Holleis-Weingärtner: "Most friends call me Ella and Mar is a combination of Amelie and Arthur, the names of my children. Finally, because of them, I find it essential to solely make use of high-quality, natural materials, like leather and kelims, produced in Europe and fairly processed."

Interviewer: "Where can one purchase your products?"

Daniela Holleis-Weingärtner: "First of all here in the Online shop of course, @ www.ellamar.eu/collections. A few selected partner shops have also been established.

Enjoy your shopping experience!"