About us

With the ELLAMAR products we have fulfilled one of our biggest dreams. Capturing nature's colours in our collection.

Daniela Holleis-Weingärtner, born in June 1982, has been fascinated by foreign cultures for as long as she was able to think. The way of life and the attitude towards life of people from other countries, their values ​​and traditions - all of this inspired her on her trips to Morocco, Libya or Mexico and many other countries.
Also the fashion, the accessories, the colors and materials that she discovered on her travels.

In 2012, she finally founded her label ELLAMAR, in which she combines inspirations from all over the world in her designs and products. It all started with a line of bags in which the courage to use colors, shapes, materials and patterns is still in the foreground today. "Inspired by cultures" has been the motto for every product at ELLAMAR from the start. Daniela then adapts all of the impressions from other cultures to the European lifestyle in her bag designs. In the spirit of "that holiday feeling at home."
Other products were added to the bags in a very short time: Today it already offers a wide range of leather accessories.

Daniela lives with her husband, her two children, her dog and many other small pets in Gmunden / Upper Austria.
The name ELLAMAR is made up of Daniela's previous nickname "Ella" and the first letters of the names of her children.


Sophia Hörner, born in January 1987, has a penchant for interior design and even as a teenager she loved strolling through furniture stores and interior shops. Even when traveling, carefully selected furnishing boutiques and markets, which reflect the style, materials and patterns of the respective location, were an integral part of their sightseeing program. From every vacation she took items with her that still tell stories and bring back wonderful memories.
Sophia has been working for ELLAMAR since the beginning of 2020 and started the ELLAMAR LIVING line in Corona Lockdown. In order to have products produced “Inspired by cultures”, she is inspired by other cultures, their colors, shapes, patterns and much more. In Austria, she attaches great importance to traditional handicrafts, but also has various products made by Artisans in countries such as Morocco.

Sophia lives with her husband, daughter and dog in Vienna and commutes between the capital and Gmunden / Upper Austria.