Austrian design – inspired by cultures & handmade in Europe, Morocco and Mexico.  


Every culture, every continent, all the countries, cities, nature, colors, patterns, materials, smells and, above all, the people themselves are our sources of inspiration.
We allow ourselves to be driven by all these impressions in our designs and the selection of our products. Together with our production partners, we exchange ideas and let us be enchanted by other ideas. Then we try to combine all of this in our products and adapt them to European requirements in terms of function and quality.

ELLAMAR stands for individual craftsmanship instead of quick branding. That is why we work with people who have mastered their craft and know how to use high-quality materials under fair production conditions. All of this takes time. A craft takes time, the procurement of materials takes time, and work takes time because it should be done with love.
This is exactly what we take time for, because we offer long-lasting products that, at best, will bring joy over generations.

Better Together! We are not supermen either and we cannot do everything alone. We depend on other people, on their skills and technical skills, on their taste and their trustworthy and reliable way of working. We don't want to be able to do everything. We love the exchange, we like to be taught better, we want to be inspired and we think it's great when someone gives their creative must to our ideas. But we also love other labels and the people behind them, and we like to create new things together. Our logo should also show to the outside that we can only progress if we go hand in hand. Both as a team, with our production partners, with other labels and above all with our customers.


Why bags?
Daniela dealt with the cultural-historical and social significance of the bag in different cultures. One thing that has always remained the same despite historical change: the bag is a highly personal item, the container in which we can store and take with us what should belong to us. The rest is a matter of cultural interpretation.
Handbags also mean privacy and are also a personal statement. They express the current mood of the wearer and are considered a sign of individual style, in many circles as a status symbol and, depending on the model, even as a cult or art object. Above all, however, bags tell stories - they accompany the wearer through life, and at the same time their contents speak volumes about the lives of the wearers. Nothing fills us with more pride than when our customers consciously decide to take our bags with them as a companion through their everyday lives. Thanks for that!

Why interior?
No matter where you travel to, no matter how far you get, at some point you close a door behind you and are happy to be at home.
Your own home should be a place of well-being. A place of retreat, a place where time passes in its own rhythm, a place that reflects you, where you can move freely, that says a lot about your own personality and where life takes place. The term home can actually be described in a similar way to a bag (see above).
Since everyone carries many stories, has different facets, has different values ​​and is interested in many things, very different things usually come together in a home: old, new, dark, light, colorful, functional, emotional, self-made, self-bought, Gifts, locally purchased, brought along and much more.
So the answer to the question “Why interior?” Is: because we love our home and want to have objects around us that tell stories and are lovingly handcrafted. Products that are unique, not mass-produced goods. Products that have been processed by humans and not machines.