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For thousands of years, carrying cases have become a necessary and popular accessory. In the early days bags were used as a functional means of transport, in the Middle Ages they found in the form of bag or belt bags once only in males use.

Due to a wide variety of needs and the change in fashion innumerable bag shapes and variations have emerged, from everyday objects to luxury items to status symbols, from bag, belt and handle bags to clutch and shoulder bag.

Beginning in the 1920s, ladies of affluent society became more and more popular for having the right bag for every occasion and every day of the day. During the day rather simple, functional and larger, for going out and in the evening fine, small, colorful and like elaborately decorated.

This trend has basically continued until today. At present, the bag plays a very special role in the everyday life of most women. So come in the course of a day depending on your needs and purpose different bags used.

In addition to the actual business bag, other bags such as hand or shoulder bags, shoppers or a clutch for the evening can be worn. Today, the bag has become a fashionable accessory, and the bag fashion is developing much faster than before. Although famous classics continue to be reissued and distributed, every season a number of new variations of pocket designs are also being designed.

A life without a handbag is hard to imagine, because it is something like the portable household of the woman. In addition, the handbag is also a status symbol, transport container, accessory and much more.

The practical companion, who protects her and her loved ones from the dangers of everyday life, is an extension of the body, a part of the self, which the wearer especially notices when he has lost her.

At the same time, the bag is also an instrument of self-invention and self-staging, with which her owner basks in the limelight, distinguishes herself from others, enhances and seduces her self-esteem.

The bag makes the woman, it is an attribute of femininity, reflects identity facets, marks turning points in the biography, contains a whole life.

For Ellamar, a bag is everything - just not an ordinary accessory.

Design with responsibility

Vibrant colors and eye-catching prints are the hallmark of Ellamar. Inspired by nature, we want to preserve its diversity for the next generations.

That's why we pay attention to responsible production in the production of our lifestyle and living products. Our Employees are fairly remunerated for their work and handle the raw materials carefully.

Leather and kilims for our fashion and lifestyle items come from the region in which they are processed. This saves transport routes and ensures that European standards in production and processing are met.

Because good design knows no compromises. That's what we mean by good design.

Colors of Nature

And now we would like to invite you to discover all our different kind of bags which come in various colors, sizes and styles. Enjoy!